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The Pecking Chickens

Time-honored toy has been
fascinating children for over 100 years!

Old-fashioned toys -- particularly animated ones -- have been delighting children of all ages for generations . . . and these Pecking Chickens are certainly no exception! Just swing the toy in a horizontal, rotary motion and watch in amazement as each of the four chickens pecks, in order, at the seeds in the center of the paddle. This animated action, coupled with the pecking sound it makes during play, makes this toy an easy sale at craft fairs, flea markets and art shows.

If you're making a quantity of these toys to sell (and you own a bandsaw), we recommend that you use a pad sawing technique, where you temporarily affix a stack of workpiece blanks together . . . saw out several parts at the same time . . . then separate them. Double-stick tape  is the best choice for holding everything together nicely during cutting, then separating easily when you're finished.


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